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Dal Roti

Welcome to Dal Roti, India’s staple food. We believe it’s important to always have the basics right and that is the reason we named our company ‘Dal Roti’. The word ‘Dal’ refers to the lentil curry and ‘Roti’ refers to indian bread also called chapati. We really want people in the Uk to taste the authentic Indian Food, prepared fresh especially for them. Learn Indian Cooking provides you with hands on training and a FREE Gift with each cookery class, a souvenir of Indian spices.

We offer an opportunity to taste and learn authentic Indian food through our cooking courses & catering. You can also try out our recipes and make your own curry. Our tutor ‘Neha Sarin’ is a participant of the first season of Masterchef India and has been cooking for over a decade. She has also participated in Eat Reading Live, and given a live cooking demonstration in Reading.

We have started humbly but with a grand plan – To create the finest home made Indian food. We want people in the Uk to taste the magic of fresh ingredients and learn the art of making Indian Curry. For the people on the run we also offer a special one of a kind indian cookery course – how to make curry in a hurry!